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Post by DoubleChocChipCookies on Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:02 am

First Name: Cynthia
Middle Name: Grace
Last Name: Haynes

Gender: Girl
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 8th May
Nationality: English

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 57kg

Race: British
Eye colour: Chocolatey brown
Hair colour: Goldeny blonde
Hair Style: Fairly short, a little above shoulder length, hair down with a long fringe clipped to the left side. Left side of hair behind her ear, right side in front of her ear. neat, sweet and cute
Glasses or contact lenses: Contact lenses
Shape of face: Roundish
Skin colour: Very light, pale skin
Distinguishing features: One piercing in the lobe of each ear, a light scar on the palm of her left hand.
Style of clothing: Neat, sensible

Mannerisms: Tucking her hair back behind her ear.
Habits: Picking up on every small thing, which can get annoying
Smokes yes/no: No
Drinks yes/no: No
Swears yes/no: Tries hard not to
Health: Good health
Hobbies: Playing the violin, debating with people, teasing her brother, finding fault with every small thing
Speech patterns: Flowing and well stuctured

Greatest flaw: Picking up on every little thing
Best quality: able to debate easily to defend people
Likes: Classical music, debates, teasing her brother, crime and detctive stories, most animals, carrots
Dislikes: Messy arguments, dogs, injustice, meat, cruelty to animals

Family members: Alcholic father, Aunt Rebecca and younger brother George

Background: Her mother died from being attacked when Cynthia was about thirteen. She has never got over the death of her mother, neither has her father. Cynthia had always been outgoing and caring, but after her mother died, she closed up, refusing to do anything or talk to people. Slowly, she has recovered, and is now almost back to how she was, only now, she's not outgoing so much anymore, but still confident, and is very protective over her brother and those close to her. When she was five, she watched as her best friend was attacked, mauled and killed by a rotweiler, and has never go over her fear of dogs.

Personality: Very neat and tidy, thoughtful and sweet, sometimes very protecive


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