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Post by frostedquill on Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:00 pm

First Name: Margaret
Middle Name(s): Susan
Last Name: Harper

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Date of Birth: January 9th 1993
Nationality: English.

Height: 5'2
Weight: average

Race: White
Eye Colour: dark brown
Hair Colour: light brown
Style of hair: cropped
Glasses or contact lenses?: no
Skin colour: peachy with a few freckles
Shape of Face: heart-shaped
Distinguishing features: uh...none really.
Style of clothing: anything that fits and looks nice.

Mannerisms: blushing and squeaking
Habits: blushing
Smokes yes/no: NO!
Drinks yes/no: only with food
Swears yes/no: NO!
Health: good
Hobbies: reading
Speech patterns: very quiet and nervous.

Greatest flaw: her allergy to Horses (her family own ten)
Best quality: her kindness
Likes: her big brother, kind people,
Dislikes: being teased, sneezing, being tickled.

Family members:
Her parents. Lord and Lady Harper.
Her big brothers; Michael 17
Lewis 19
Nathan 21

Background: She was brought up as part of the aristocracy.

Personality: she's quiet and nice.


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