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Chelsea Swan (Part done) Empty Chelsea Swan (Part done)

Post by DoubleChocChipCookies on Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:16 am

First Name: Chelsea
Middle Name(s): Petunia
Last Name: Swan

Age: 15
Date of Birth:
Nationality: English

Height: 5"7'

Race: 3/4 English 1/4 Afriacn American
Eye Colour: quite dark chocolaty brown (but not black, not quite)
Hair Colour: black
Style of hair: Down to her shoulders loose
Glasses or contact lenses?: no
Skin colour: dark brown
Shape of Face:
Distinguishing features: Each ear pierced twice
Style of clothing:

Smokes yes/no: No
Drinks yes/no: No
Swears yes/no: sometimes
Health: Allergic to nuts
Hobbies: Ballet, gymnastics, singing
Speech patterns:

Greatest flaw: Doesn't always think before talking
Best quality: Friendliness
Likes: Singing, Ballet, gymnastics, horseriding, Tom Marlow
Dislikes: Her parents, racists

Family members:




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